My name is Filipe Falé , I’m a musician, the bass player in a band called Pulmonic and on the 23 of July 2016 I suffered a stroke at the age of 36… Yeah. Really!
It happened in a concert that I was performing in, doing what I love.
I found myself suddenly unable to speak. I was unable to write, and my right hand side had become partially paralysed. As you can imagine, this was very scary! Since that happened, I spent some time in intensive care and have been going through 6 months of recovery.
My recovery has been very good, considering that intially I could barely speak or name objects as simple as a chair or a glass. I couldn’t hold a spoon with my right hand, which for a bass player can be quite desperate…
I still suffer from Aphasia, which is a disturbance in the formulation and understanding of language. My hand is much better, and I can still play bass guitar, but I should train more, because practice leads to perfection.
I’ve started a new path to recovery and I am thankful for my “new” lease of life. The old me is gone, but I’m in a process of rediscovering myself again. I’m scared but I’m also excited because every day brings new challenges and a new motivation. I would like to share my story and show others how I’m becoming alive again!
I’m making a movie to tell the story about my recovery through the music that I love.
To get involved, in any way that you can, please head over to our GoFundMePage.
Thank you.


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